Virtual Magic & Mentalism

Brand New Interactive Virtual Experience by Magician and Mentalist Yan Markson

Experience the Virtual Magic Show for Yourself:

Play the teaser video below for a sneak peek of the show and to discover the story behind how the new virtual magic and mentalism show came together.


This virtual show is designed to be an interactive experience available through Zoom or any other platform for groups of any size and anywhere in the world.

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Virtual Magic & Team Building with Professional Production Quality

This virtual mentalism and magic show is streamed live out of a purpose built studio with professional lighting, camera, and sound quality.


It is designed to work with small teams or large audiences of hundreds of people. The show is available over Zoom, MS Teams, Google Handouts, or any other popular platform.


Don’t settle for a cheesy performance on a laptop camera in someone’s living room! The dynamic set up features lot of vibrant and interesting perspectives on the screen to captivate the audience and offer a truly fun experience.

FAQs about Yan’s Virtual Magic Show:

How long is the virtual show?

The show can be as long as you need! We’ve done 15 min sets as part of variety virtual events, as well as 90 min team-building sessions. It’s all about what makes sense for your team and your event.


What kind of virtual show types do you offer?

There are lot of options to choose from. Yan can perform a mind-blowing and interactive mentalism and magic show which is geared towards pure entertainment. Yan also offers a unique virtual team-building and professional development sessions based on his live talks that feature mentalism but also focus on developing new skills. (see next question for more detail on these sessions)


What are the virtual team building and professional development sessions about?

There are two unique presentations that Yan offers. The first explores the world of ‘mind-hacking’ where Yan describes the cognitive biases that keep us from unlocking our true potential and how you can ‘trick’ your mind to overcome these magnetic barriers. The second is a session geared towards marketing and sales teams, in this presentation Yan uses mentalism to illustrate the power of influence and shares tangible tools marketing and sales teams can use to be more effective communicators and persuaders. Get in touch to learn more!


What platform do you use for video conferencing the virtual show?

We are flexible and can adapt to any platform you choose to use. From our experience Zoom tends to be the most stable and reliable for virtual shows, both for small or large audiences. If you have a strong preference for a specific tool, that’s not a problem, get in touch with our team so we can make sure everything is set for your event!


How much does the virtual magic and mentalism show cost?

Good question! This varies depending on the type of show you are interested in as well as the audience size. Get in touch with our team to tell us more about your event and get some pricing and unique ideas. Let us know what your budget is and we will try to make it work!

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