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Virtual Mentalism & Magic Shows for Corporate Events!

A Virtual Experience Shared by Top Companies in the World.

Check out my Virtual Mentalism Performance on the CTV’s National TV show “The Social”!

Virtual Magic & Mentalism Show:


This is a unique virtual experience in which professional mentalist Yan Markson uses mentalism and magic effects to capture the audience’s attention and illustrate the power of influence and perception. Guests take part in interactive, and mind-blowing illusions while learning about the science of how we perceive our own identities, abilities, and make decisions in our lives.


The show is streamed live from a professional studio to all major video conferencing and virtual event platforms.

Yan performed virtually for our company holiday event – it was incredible and everyone was blown away! We had about 300 people on the call from all parts of the world and Yan was super interactive, funny and absolutely mind blowing!


Our employees asked for him to come back again next year, which we will certainly be doing.

Yan performed for Munvo’s Winter Summit during the Covid period. The performance not only entertained us but to helped us engage as a team and enjoy each other’s company.


Yan did a great job working with the limited tools available and reading the crowd to get them interested. Thank you!

The Story Behind the Show:

The Perfect Virtual Team Building Event!

Yan’s virtual mentalism & magic show is designed specifically to create a unique and valuable virtual team building experience. From the theme and the content to the professional production quality, your team will leave with powerful memories and a new perspective on their work and everyday lives.

Interactive Virtual Show

You are the star of the show! Yan gets the audience involved throughout the entire show. It is highly engaging and interactive

Powerful Mentalism

Yan’s memorizing mentalism and mind-reading effects make your virtual event unique and unforgettable

Professional Production

The show is streamed live worldwide from a purpose-built studio in Toronto. Your guests enjoy professional production quality

Motivational Virtual Show

Learn about the cognitive science and behavioral patterns that influence our perception in a interactive and motivational way

Personalized Show

Yan will work with your team to create a custom and personalized experience to fit your brand and virtual event theme

Team Building Workshop

Yan offers a unique workshop in addition to the show. Your team learns mentalism illusions they can perform for family and friends

Yan had us laughing, gasping in awe and forgetting that we were all in separate spaces. The virtual experience he developed for our current “normal” was engaging, thought provoking and all round fun. As always, we had a great time!


Thanks again Yan :) We hope to see you soon, virtually or in the flesh!

We had Yan perform at our virtual Holiday Party this year (also a few years back in person), and his entire performance was highly engaging! He got the team involved, and they were blown away by the tricks.


Highly recommend his show!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

How long is the virtual show?

The show can be as long as you need! We’ve done 15 min sets as part of variety virtual events, as well as 90 min team-building sessions. It’s all about what makes sense for your team and your event.


What kind of virtual show types do you offer?

There are lot of options to choose from. Yan can perform a mind-blowing and interactive mentalism and magic show which is geared towards pure entertainment. Yan also offers a unique virtual team-building and professional development sessions based on his live talks that feature mentalism but also focus on developing new skills. (see next question for more detail on these sessions)


What are the virtual team building and professional development sessions about?

There are two unique presentations that Yan offers. The first explores the world of ‘mind-hacking’ where Yan describes the cognitive biases that keep us from unlocking our true potential and how you can ‘trick’ your mind to overcome these magnetic barriers. The second is a session geared towards marketing and sales teams, in this presentation Yan uses mentalism to illustrate the power of influence and shares tangible tools marketing and sales teams can use to be more effective communicators and persuaders. Get in touch to learn more!


What platform do you use for video conferencing the virtual show?

We are flexible and can adapt to any platform you choose to use. From our experience Zoom tends to be the most stable and reliable for virtual shows, both for small or large audiences. If you have a strong preference for a specific tool, that’s not a problem, get in touch with our team so we can make sure everything is set for your event!


How much does the virtual magic and mentalism show cost?

Good question! This varies depending on the type of show you are interested in as well as the audience size. Get in touch with our team to tell us more about your event and get some pricing and unique ideas. Let us know what your budget is and we will try to make it work!

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