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For many years Yan Markson lived a double life. A professional mentalist performing for the biggest companies in North America by one name, and a VP of marketing and communications for an award-winning AI software company by another name.

He has built a unique perspective on “The Power of Perception”. The art and science behind the ability to influence, innovate, build a positive mindset, and communicate effectively. 

Yan’s engaging talks feature witty humor, inspiring stories, and powerful techniques audiences can immediately apply to their lives to build stronger mindsets and communicate better.
Yan Markson speaking on stage for his keynote

Speaking Topics

The Power of Influence & Persuasion:

The ability to influence and persuade others is a critical skill both in our personal and professional lives. However, for most people this skill-set is a mystery box. Something desired but seemingly difficult to attain. 

In this unique and engaging session Yan breaks down a person’s decision-making process in an easy-to-understand way and equips you with specific techniques for influence and persuasion. 

You will learn methods based on behavioral psychology that will remove barriers in communication and improve your relationship building skills.

Yan covers the power of perceived value, cognitive biases, framing your message and how you can use these vulnerabilities to your advantage when negotiating, or persuading.

Innovation in the Age of Disruption

There are 2 powerful things that happen in the human mind when change occurs that will strongly affect the ability to succeed or fail.

1st, most of us are inherently risk-averse. Humans tend to conform to social norms and feel comfortable in the status quo. Change and certainly disruption is perceived as a risk and a danger to avoid. 

2nd, when disruption happens, (and it constantly does), your mind can choose to perceive it as opportunity or chaos. This will determine your “reality” and your path forward. 

As a professional magician and mentalist Yan Markson illustrates The Power of Perception and outlines specific “mind hacks” you can apply to change the way you think.  You will learn how to adjust your own perspective and cultivate a solution-focused mindset capable of uncovering opportunities and innovation in the face of change and disruption.

How to Present and Communicate Effectively

As a speaker Yan Markson presented in front of audiences as small as a 5-person executive team of a billion-dollar company, and as large as 1500+ people in live conferences. As a mentalist Yan has performed on hundreds of stages across North America and on national TV programs in 3 countries.

In this unique and engaging session, Yan shares his own process of researching, developing, and presenting for any type of audience.

You will learn the 5 critical steps you must take in order to capture the attention and imagination of your audience and deliver your message in such a way that it resonates, and sticks. Yan also covers the top misconceptions and critical mistakes presenters make that kill their presentations. 

After this session you will not only feel more confident about doing presentations but they will become your superpower. 

The Magic of a Positive Mindset

We all have a magician sitting inside our minds, creating illusions for us. As a professional mind-magician and mentalist Yan Markson has unique experience when it comes to manipulating perspective and human perception.

In this unique, fun, and engaging presentation, Yan reveals just how easily we are influenced by our perception of our surroundings, other people, marketing, and even our own mind.

Most people suffer more in their mind than they do in reality, but the good news is that once you see the illusion you gain the power to change it.

Yan breaks down the tiny actions and “mind hacks” that lead to bigger changes in our mindset. Perception is reality, and so through manipulating your own perception you can move closer to the reality you desire for yourself. 

"No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."

4 Reasons to Book Yan:

Unforgettable Experience

Give your audience a new and unique experience and they’ll never forget your event and add the “wow factor” you’ve been looking for.

Learn Powerful Lessons

Walk away with actionable techniques and mind hacks you can start using immediately in your personal and professional lives.

Perfect Fit

Yan always personalizes and connects his talks to the theme and goals of your event increasing interest and retention of the presentation.

Easy To Work With

You will find that Yan is a reliable, creative, flexible, and a professional speaker that’s easy to work with to ensure you have a successful event.

Looking for a mind-blowing and unforgettable experience?

About Yan Markson:

Yan Markson works with companies across North America on marketing, sales, and communications strategies. He runs professional development sessions for small teams and also speakers at large conferences and networking events on influence, innovation, and building a positive mindset.

His unique background and experience offer a rare perspective on the power of the mind. Yan has a Marketing Management degree from the Toronto Metropolitan University, and was the Vice President of Marketing at an award-winning AI software technology company.

As a professional mentalism performer, Yan has performed mind-blowing and reality bending mind-magic for the largest brands and companies in North America, and on national television in 3 countries. Yan is a charismatic speaker whose sessions are educational, funny, memorable, and inspiring. 

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