Yan Markson

Yan Markson

Yan Markson is one of Canada’s top professional mentalists, magicians, and speakers.

Muki Makes Magic Gala Fundraiser


The only thing more fun than performing a mentalism and magic show is when you do it for a a very important cause. I’m teaming up with Muki Baum Accessibility Center for their Annual Fundraiser this year!

The organization helps families and individuals that have complex disabilities and have no where else to go. In order to raise awareness, I will be demonstrating the mental vulnerabilities we all have from a psychology, and behavioral science point of view. We are all predictably irrational. We all have biases and “glitches” in our mind that hold us back from being able to function to our full potential. 

On Nov. 7th, I will be using my mentalism skills to expose these things live on stage with the audience. In preparation for this event, I had an opportunity to tour the center and meet some of the staff. 

Check out the video below of a fun experiment we did with some members of their team:

One of the things I love about magic and mentalism is that even the biggest sceptic will be “tricked” by an illusion. This is simply how our brain works.

Our brains are easy to fool because they are mostly running on auto pilot. In many cases people are prisoners of their own habits and patterns just as disabled people are prisoners of a non-functioning body or part of the brain.

I’m looking forward to performing at this fundraiser because I’d like to be able to illustrate this on stage and hopefully this will lead participants to be more sympathetic about other’s challenges and lead them to her this amazing organization continue to do this difficult but very important work.

I will be performing my New Mentalism Show for on November 7th 2019 for the Muki Baum Accessibility Centre Fundraiser at Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue!

For more information check out their facebook page here: