Yan Markson

Yan Markson

Yan Markson is one of Canada’s top professional mentalists, magicians, and speakers.

Mentalism Show at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum


One of the coolest things about performing my show is the unique venues that I get to do it at. This spring I was invited to perform my mentalism comedy show for a corporate event. The event was a re-branding for an Ottawa based company and it was held at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. 

I flew into Ottawa in the afternoon and headed directly to the museum. Only when I got there did I realize that I’ve actually never seen these kinds of airplanes before, it was actually quite surreal to stand right in front of some of these planes. Old WWII bombers, early airplanes, rescue helicopters and much more. 

Take a look at the video and photos from Instagram below.

I performed a very interactive show with lots of comedy in front of about 150 people and got some great reactions. 

The theme of the event was “Out of This World” so mind reading, magic, and psychological entertainment was a perfect fit for the occasion and I even prepared some custom material for the corporate event. 

After the show, I actually got a chance to chat with some of the guests and experience the museum for myself.