Mentalism & Magic Shows

Looking for engaging and memorizing entertainment for your event? There are several ways you can add some magic to your event to fit your theme, schedule, budget and venue. Yan’s mentalism & magic performances are interactive, memorable, and customizable to your event.


Yan has extensive experience performing for award shows, conferences, surprise parties, anniversaries, weddings, movie premieres, product launches, night clubs, festivals, trade shows, and more. If you’re looking for custom entertainment ideas to fit your event or goals, get in touch to discuss ideas! email:

experiMentalism: Mentalism, Magic, and Comedy Stage Show


A highly engaging, memorable experience that will live on for a long time. This show has people talking about Yan’s effects for weeks. Yan does not only demonstrate his own mind-reading skills, but he also lets the audience show their own psychic abilities. It’s witty, and fun. Ideal for a corporate events, theaters, conferences, and galas. The stage show mixes mentalism with magic and clean comedy. Available in a variety of show lengths from 30 to 90 minutes.


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Close-Up & Roaming Mentalism & Magic


Perfect for cocktail hours, large crowds, moving traffic, table magic, weddings, line-ups, house parties, receptions, casual corporate events, and trade shows. Magician & Mentalist Yan Markson will perform close up magic for you guests, small groups at a time. These performances are more intimate, and personal with fun mind reading experiments, as well as slight-of-hand and magic effects that happen right in the audiences hands. 


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Magician & Mentalist for Your Wedding


Having performed in hundreds of weddings as a magician and mentalist, Yan has developed material that is specific to weddings & wedding anniversaries. There is no better way to make your important day unique & memorable than making it magical. Whether it’s close up magic for your friends & family during the cocktail hour, or a short set during dinner in front of everyone at the reception, Yan’s magic is about bringing people together, and experiencing a powerful human connection on a supernatural level. 


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