Yan Markson

Yan Markson

Yan Markson is one of Canada’s top professional mentalists, magicians, and speakers.

Magic & Mentalism at Rogers Corporate Event a Success!


It’s always exciting to get on a plane and visit new places, but when Rogers contacted my agent to arrange a Mentalism performance at their financial conference in Banff Alberta, I couldn’t wait to get there. 

If you haven’t heard of Banff, you’re missing out. This town is one of the most beautiful places in Canada, if not in the entire world. I was lucky that Rogers covered my stay at the famous “Chateau Lake Louise”. 

Just check the view from my 8th floor window:

Performing Mentalism at the Corporate Event

I performed close up magic & mentalist to kick off the evening as guests and conference delegates were entering the event, and got to meet some great people from across Canada. 

Finally at the end of the evening I finished with an interactive and engaging mentalism show for everyone at the corporate event. It was a really fun night not just for my audience, but for myself as well.

Real Connection with Real People.

Being able to relate my mentalism & comedy material to the overall theme for the Rogers financial conference I was able to engage the audience on another level. I felt that the trip was a success, and there’s not better way to prove that then all the emails and messages I’ve received from people I’ve met at the conference when I got home.

This was definitely one of my most memorable corporate events to do entertainment for. Thanks to Rogers & The Idea Hunter for organizing this trip!