Mind Reading, Experiments, and Magic.

Mind Reading, Experiments, and Magic.

About The Show (experiMentalism):

experiMentalism is an intimate, engaging, and goosebump-raising experience. Yan Markson demonstrates the power of the mind, suggestion, and influence with people from the audience. Every audience is different, which makes every single show unique. The show is framed around intelligent humor, and a positive atmosphere. This is the kind of show that will have you scratching your head, and talking about the effects for weeks after. Don’t miss this event!

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About Yan Markson:

Yan Markson grew up in a Russian circus, and has been performing since the age of 12. His background is in clowning/miming, acrobatics, and other circus arts, and has in the past several years found his passion in Magic, Mentalism, and Comedy. Yan has performed at the “2010 Vancouver Olympic Games”, “Royal Ontario Museum”, “Art Gallery of Ontario”, “Scotiabank Gala”, “Indigo Books”, “Dell”, “Deloitte” as well as other corporate events, fundraisers, weddings, and private events. Yan was also principle clown character in 2 seasons of the show “Cirque Avaia” (Awarded best new show of 2007 by the New York Times) (420 performances for approx. 400,000 people) as well as on the cast of “Booff Show” where he performed for over 2 years in Ontario, and B.C (Michael J Fox Theater, Leah Posluns Theater, Canada’s Wonderland Theater etc..)

Email: contact@YanMarkson.com or visit contact page